Plants vs. Zombies: The game modes

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Plants vs. Zombies: The game modes

The Adventure mode

Plants vs. Zombies 2 mod apk has several game modes. The central game mode is an adventure with his 50 consecutive levels that increase in difficulty and always release new opponents in type and number on your house. Start doing this campaign in the front yard of your house.
After a day and night cycles it goes in the back yard and eventually found on the roof of the house his brilliant finale in the fight against Dr. Zomboss. With tips and a shop for equipment you stands your curious neighbor Crazy Dave aside that leads you through the apocalypse.

During the Level new plant species will be unlocked, which can then take her in your range and confront the zombies.

The Plants vs. Zombies Mini Games

PvZ_BeghouledAnother game mode, the 20 mini-games in which you Nut Bowling, BeGhouled (a modification of BeJeweled) or the zombie Hau can play. A welcome change to lengthy run up the zombie masses on your house and yard.
Cheats complacent? Pinatas, mustaches and dancing zombies!
The puzzle mode

In mode puzzles, the player must go through ten rounds Vasebreaker struggling following the adventure campaign ten laps I, Zombie to survive with one and the same defense. Is this challenge existed, which is survival mode unlocked. Here it is important to sustain as many round as possible with a defense against the zombies.

The Plants vs. Zombies Zen Garden

Also as a reward for playing through the single player campaign, the player gets access to the Zen Garden, where you can grow rare plants for gold, and the tree of wisdom, the tips and cheats passes.